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How to Enter Textbooks

Textbooks are entered in the new Barnes and Nobles AIP system. The link can be found here:

Log in using your TCC log on credentials.

  • Re-adopt previously adopted course materials with one click and for multiple sections. 

    • Make sure not to list multiple formats of the same material as required as this can be confusing for students. One item should be listed required and the other components should be submitted as recommended. If you require comments under your adoption (example: purchase access code or bundle not both) you can leave a note for the bookstore, and we can update the adoption. 

    • Keep a look out for any alerts: OLD EDITION AND OUT OF PRINT as it can be difficult to source these materials. 

  • Discover and research new course materials - including OER - using our search tool. 

  • compare estimated prices for students and available formats before adopting. 

  • Search your detailed adoption history. 

  • Not using any materials for these courses? select "I'm not using any materials for this class" and your section will be marked as no text required. 


If you have any questions or access issues, Adoption Support is available by email. For new staff that need access to AIP please have them sign in using their VCCS credentials and then email us to have their access level updated. 


For your reference, check out the AIP How-to and here is a video: AIP TRAINING VIDEO

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