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Natural Science Programs

Need advising assistance, contact a TCC advisor and review advising documents before registering for specific courses.

Advising Documents:

BIO 101/106, Online Biology Labs

BIO 141/142 and NAS 2

CHM 101/111/112

NAS 2 Challenge Exam Study Guide

Online Chemistry Labs

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A.S. Science (Default)

Uncover the mysteries of the natural world and expand your knowledge in the fascinating realm of science

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A.S. Science, Biology Major - Coming Summer 2024

Explore the fascinating world of living organisms through courses in biology, microbiology, anatomy and/or ecology.

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A.S. Science, Chemistry Major - Coming Summer 2024

Dive into the fundamental concepts of matter, energy and chemical reactions with our chemistry courses.

A.S. Health Sciences - Coming Summer 2024

Help the world through Health Sciences as you learn about public health and safety strategies.

A.A.S Veterinary Technology

Discover the fascinating world of veterinary science as a vet technician and unlock a world of animal health and care possibilities.

Certificate in Veterinary Assistant

Get started in veterinary science as a vet assistant and start your path towards animal health and care.

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